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Thursday Purus Jacamars


Bill Bouton

Evening, babies. Tomorrow at this time, we'll be soiling our britches in anticipation of a Knicks-Heat opener. Right now, we can just peacefully nosh on some links.

- I've gotta say, mammals are nearest to my heart and the reptiles were fun, too, but this journey into the world of birds has been by far the most rewarding exercise, just in terms of learning the names and seeing the pictures of creatures I never even knew existed. Behaviorally and taxonomically, jacamars aren't especially interesting, but 1. They're called jacamars! 2. Look at the beak on this guy!

- Tonight's game has been rescheduled for November 26. It'll be the second of a back-to-back.

- Exhibit #90332 in the case of James Dolan being a shitty boss.

- I intend to make a full post about this once the draft is done and the training camp roster has been trimmed down to size, but note that Henry Sims, Mychel Thompson, and Oscar Bellfield are all in camp with the Erie BayHawks. Only three "affiliate" players could be added to the roster and evidently John Shurna wasn't the guy the Knicks/Hawks wanted. Poor Shurna. Anyway, we'll check back in either after tomorrow's draft or, more likely, in a couple weeks to see who's playing for the BayHawks this season.

- Everybody loves Woody!

- Also, it sounds like there's gonna be a "Mike Woodson Show" to replace the "Mike D'Antoni Show". It will be...different, I imagine.

- I haven't actually read this yet because I'm trying to get these links done quickly, but Jim Cavan and Bob Silverman jabbering about Antonio McDyess is probably worth a look.

- Knicks highlights from 1946!

- Will Leitch explains why he's still a Knicks fan after all the abuse.

- Last three things are my own: 1. Preseason Knicks Power Rankings! 2. I'll be on the radio in my weekly spot here at 6:30 3. Here's your once-in-a-whle reminder that P&T is on Facebook, a social networking site for the whole family.

That is all! Have a lovely evening of whatever you do when the Knicks would otherwise be playing basketball.