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Final Score: Knicks 99, Magic 89

Well, they won.

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

For a while, that felt like the bad ol' Knicks pissing away a game against an awful team. After four games filled mostly with wonderful, flowing offense and all five defenders functioning as a unit, the Knicks showed up in Orlando with very little will. They reverted to half-assed pick-and-rolls and four-down isolations on one end, and played inexplicably flaky defense on the other.

Thankfully, after getting beat backdoor for like the nineteenth time, New York woke up and stiff-armed their vastly inferior opponent. J.R. Smith rescued them with the soup-cookingest third quarter we've seen in a while, then tighter defensive rotations and a total collapse by the Magic shooters dropped Orlando from contention in the fourth.

All that said, turning such a clumsy performance into a ten-point road win-- even against a very bad team-- is nice. And they're still undefeated, which is also nice. Full(er) recap comin' later.