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Wednesday Laughing Falcons


Ni to il

Good day! While the Knicks settle in San Antonio to prepare for the first of a back-to-back, let us examine this list of links I found at the bottom of a well beneath a pile of old boots.

- Laughing falcons sure do laugh, but they're not found only in Costa Ric-AH.

- Good news: The Magic cheerleader who fell on her head last night cracked some bones, but didn't do anything awful to her head. It sounds like she'll be okay.

- In case you missed it in the recap: Ronnie Brewer missed most of the second half last night because his knee was swelling up, but it still sounds like he'll be good to go Thursday.

- Howard Megdal makes the point that-- no matter where he plays-- Amar'e Stoudemire will likely take Rasheed Wallace's minutes, which is good.

- If you saw MSG's interview with John Rucker last night, I recommend also checking out Harvey Araton's piece on Rucker.

- The Knicks are the first team ever to open the season holding five consecutive opponents under 40 points in second halves.

- Chris Herring notes that Carmelo Anthony is likely to face some tough defenders-- Kawhi Leonard and Tony Allen most immediately-- over the next few games.

- I don't know why I find this photo so funny, but I do.

- Raymond Felton knows that he's not out there to shoot a lot, but he's also not gonna hold back if teams are sagging off him. I just hope he keeps going to the basket whenever possible.

- Melo doesn't seem to be getting calls, but he can't worry himself with that, and Mike Woodson said as much.

- On one hand, Sheed is shooting way too many threes.

- On the other hand, Sheed is Sheed. (This is by our friend Jason a.k.a @netw3rk, and I very strongly recommend reading it.)

- Melo, Amar'e, Felton, and Tyson Chandler are on the All-Star ballot.

- I believe it was GAx who asked about this last night: Check out J.R. Smith's shot chart through five games. The man doesn't really have a favorite spot. He just shoots when he wants to shoot. Something to be said for that. (If he could kindly keep hitting nearly all his threes, that'd be just great.)

That's all for now. Y'all eating good lunches? Brunches?