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Game Thread: Knicks at Grizzlies- 11/16/12

The league's best teams (???) meet in Memphis.


Good evening! After last night's exhilarating comeback win in San Antonio, the Knicks face another tough opponent on the road. The Grizzlies have won six straight, they've got a monstrous frontcourt, they play fast, they rebound well, and they're right there with the Knicks in both offense and defense. Pretty much everyone's expecting a monumental battle in what's turned out to be a match-up of the league's two best teams record-wise.

Even against the Grizzlies' front line of Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol, Mike Woodson will stick with his small starting lineup with Carmelo Anthony at the four. I anticipate that we'll see more Rasheed Wallace than usual, though, and perhaps a little Kurt Thomas/Marcus Camby as well. Meanwhile, if this is to be the case, there are gonna be some mismatches on the floor.

Tonight's game will be broadcast on ESPN as well as MSG and, as a special punishment treat, I'm going to be doing a live halftime conversation with Tom from Straight Outta Vancouver and Coach Nick of BBall Breakdown somewhere over here. I'll link accordingly when the time comes.

I'm gonna have trouble staying awake for this one after last night's craziness. I hope the Knicks are feeling a little livelier than I am right now. If you're with us for the game, comment here and check out Straight Outta Vancouver as well. Please don't post links to illegal streams, large photos, or .gifs in the thread.

Get 'em, Knicks. I certainly won't be mad if the streak ends, but...ya know, it'd be pretty cool if it didn't.

Update: Here's where I'll be discussing the game at halftime: