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Raymond Felton's family calls him "Duck".

This is important.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Something about Raymond Felton-- his gait, his habitus, his style of play-- invites animal comparisons. I've always likened his movements to those of a penguin, and canine allusions-- bulldog, cattle dog, or just a plain old dog according to Ray himself-- abound as well. Well, we're not alone in making such comparisons. Buried in this Marc Berman article comparing Felton to Jeremy Lin is this bit of information:

...Felton isn’t looking to trademark his "Duck’’ nickname — his whole family calls him that — anytime soon.

Duck! Absolutely. Proud, stout, headstrong, buoyant, waddly, fond of bread, oviparous...that's Raymond. We're not told why Ray's whole family calls him "Duck", but whatever the reason may be, it fits.

Commence Photoshopping.