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Monday Forty-Spotted Pardalotes



Good day, friends. Look at your clock. See how it says "LI:NKS" (or if it's an analog clock, how the hour hand is on the "LI" and the minute hand is on the "NKS")? That means it's time for some links.

- Forty-spotted Pardalotes actually have way more than forty spots, which begs some questions. They're very rare in live only in a tiny corner of Tasmania.

- Steve Serby's Sunday conversation was with Raymond Felton, who I just love. I think Raymond and I would get along.

- Poor other J.R. Smith.

- Always nice to check in with Donnie Walsh, who has kind things to say about these Knicks (though I'm sure he'd find kind things to say even if they sucked, because he's just a nice man).

- Steve Novak will not let any of these missed shots deter him. (He's shooting 38% from three, incidentally. That's good. That only looks bad if you shot 47 fucking percent the year before). (Meanwhile, J.R. Smith's still up at 60%).

- This is several days old but our friend Beckley Mason followed up on the Knicks' self-comparisons with the 2011 Mavericks.

- If you missed it, here's Eric Adelson's feature on Rasheed Wallace from over the weekend.

- Our friend netw3rk considers fandom and why, as a Brooklyn resident, he's still a Knicks fan.

- This Jared Zwerling piece on the Tyson Chandler-Jerry Stackhouse cook-off includes a link to video of said cook-off. I haven't watched it yet.

- I ranked the Knicks third in the NBA? I have no idea what I'm doing.

That's all for now. Y'all eating any good lunches?