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Tuesday Rock Shags


Arthur Chapman

Good morning! My apologies for a light posting day yesterday. Had a lot of driving to do. There'll obviously be more going on today what with the Knicks playing a basketball game and such. To begin, how about a second consecutive links post? Yes, two in a row. REMAIN CALM.

- Do you think shags still make a lot of Austin Powers jokes, or did Austin Powers jokes got played out in the shag community around the same time they got old among humans? Just kidding, Austin Powers jokes never got old. GROOVY BABY!

- Jared Zwerling notes that Raymond Felton has been the orchestrator--both with passing and scoring-- of several crucial Knicks runs thus far.

- God damn, the Knicks went 23-1 in in 1969. These Knicks have a long way to go to match that.

- Pretty cool reading Marcus Camby's and Tyson Chandler's remarks on Anthony Davis. An interesting blend of "We remember when we were the new tall, skinny lottery picks in the league" and "He's soooo much better than we were".

- Cool stat: "The Knicks are forcing a league-best 31.5 and 30.6 percent on jumpers and catch-and-shoot Js, respectively."

- In case you were unclear about why Walt Frazier repeatedly refers to Zach Randolph as "Gazebo" (Ga-Z-Bo?), this is why. The man is obsessed with gazebos.

- Adam Zagoria has a nice breakdown of some prospects Glen Grunwald and Allan Houston were spyin' on yesterday. Remember that the Knicks own their own first-rounder this year, which is exciting (or will be until that guy gets traded for Shareef Abdur-Rahim).

- The Knicks once gave up a 68-point individual performance in New Orleans. One hopes they're game-planning to avoid such an occurrence tonight.

That is all for now. One warning: I'll make sure to have write some sort of preview post either way, but there might not be a Pre-Game Recon this afternoon. Perhaps just an abridged version. If it doesn't happen, I'll make sure to do one the next time the Knicks play the Hornets. Cool. Hope you're all feeling well and behaving yourselves.