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Pre-Game Mini-Reconnaissance: Knicks at Hornets- 11/20/12

A quick preview of Knicks-Hornets.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Evening, babies. I suspected I wouldn't have time to generate enough terrible poop jokes for a normal Reconnaissance today, and internet outages at my parents' house confirmed that suspicion. Next time. Still, here's what my good friend Rohan of At the Hive had to say about the Hornets going into tonight's game:

The Hornets have been pretty passable on offense and frequently ripped into tiny, tiny shreds on defense.

That's overall a bit weird because (a) Monty Williams' defenses have been solid the last couple years, and (b) Anthony Davis was supposed to be some sort of Bill Russell/Kevin Garnett/Tim Duncan hybrid defense monster but has instead been Leafy Ian reincarnated. But! He's been really, really, really good at offense -- top 6 in WARP and PER and PLOP and ORCA.

Meanwhile, Austin Rivers is basically if Robert Awful had a pet earthworm he kept in a box and accidentally forgot to feed for 3 weeks.

Overall, the Hornets are consistently pretty entertaining whether through good basketball (Ryan Anderson is quite good!) or through dribbling the ball with their knees and attempting audacious block efforts on the ensuing fast breaks. Can't ask for much more than that.

Here's another nice, concise preview from our friend Dan. Basically, New Orleans is a losing team but not a terrible one. I worry in particular about the Knicks' ability to stop Anthony Davis from scoring outside the paint.

Game thread should be up on time, and I'll hopefully have cable back in time to watch the game. Tip-off's at 8 tonight.

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