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Game Thread: Knicks at Hornets- 11/20/12

The Knicks face the Hornets in New Orleans.


Good evening, babies! The Knicks are in New Orleans tonight to face the Hornets. Nothing particularly new or interesting to report. I'm just kinda nervous that the Knick bigs will have trouble with the Hornets' floor-spreading frontcourt. I'm interested, too, to see if we'll get any "Before and After" Carmelo-Anthony-Davis match-ups. I can't really picture how that would work out.

Update: Nope, Anthony Davis won't play because of an ankle injury. Ryan Anderson's three-point prowess isn't to be taken lightly, but the Knicks really ought to win this game. That only makes me more nervous.

Anyway, here's your thread and here's At the Hive, which is a really especially great Hornets blog run by one of the smartest human begins I've ever encountered (behind my mommy and daddy, of course. They know EVERYTHING). As usual, please don't post links to illegal streams, large photos, or .gifs in the thread. See y'all at 8!