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Wednesday Maleos


Good Black Wednesday, friends! That's a thing, right? In the middle of this road back-to-back, I've got a bunch of links to share. Good ones, too.

- Maleos are a different type of fowl that live in Sulawesi. They're way cooler than turkeys, so I hope nobody there eats them. Their nesting/egg incubating techniques are pretty cool if you're interested.

- Carmelo Anthony and the awful orange jersey make an appearance in this neat pre-Christmas commercial.

- Mike Woodson played for the Knicks last night and was, I suppose, a DNP-CD, which is so very selfless of him.


- Interesting to read a (very good) Denver reporter's perspective on the start J.R. Smith is having.

- Also interesting to read Ronnie Brewer's appreciation of stagnant, isolation-heavy basketball. Prime lurking opportunities.

- Here's Rasheed Wallace asserting his right to yell stuff last night, in case you missed it.

- Meanwhile, if you scroll to the bottom here, you'll see that Rasheed's jerseys are the fourth "most popular" in the NBA Store. Not sure exactly what that means, but I like it, and I'm glad @GMers1 found it.

- I found myself watching this video at 2 AM last night and thinking "man, Melo's gotten so much better with the media", then remembering "it's probably just because the Knicks are winning". Still, I'm accustomed to cringing at his answers, but I think he's really said the right stuff so far, even considering how well things are going. I love his "what are you saying?" response to Berman.

- Bobby Knight showed up at practice earlier this week and will reportedly appear on that "Mike Woodson Show" soon.

- Look at these bros!

- Some talk about Jason Kidd's return to Dallas tonight.

Cool. We'll have a themed post up later (today's an SB Nation NBA theme day), followed by a non-Reconnaissance game preview, followed by our thread for Knicks-Mavs. I hope you're all enjoying the day. Any good lunches? Anybody get impatient and just feast on a turkey today?