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Some Early Knicks Surprises

There are several.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

We're still doing occasional themed Wednesdays here at SB Nation NBA, and today's network-wide theme is surprises. Tom Ziller got the ball rolling for us with his commentary on Raymond Felton's solid play to start the year (which doesn't actually surprise me at all, but whatever). Here are a few other surprises of note through the season's first nine games:

- The Knicks are 8-1. I figured they'd be AT LEAST 17-0 by this point.

- I love Jason Kidd. I have always loathed Jason Kidd as a Knick opponent, and I've so far come to adore him as a Knick. His patience, intelligence, and craftiness-- perhaps the qualities that used to make me despise him so-- are truly amazing. Kidd has played insanely well.

- Ronnie Brewer (10-24, 42%) has, as of this moment, hit a much greater percentage of his three-pointers than Steve Novak (16-47, 34%) has. Kidd has hit half his three-point attempts. J.R. Smith has hit 57 percent.

- Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith have played almost uniformly selfless, versatile, team-oriented basketball. Hardly anybody has anything negative to say about either of them.

- That whole thing with the CIA guy or whatever.

- Rasheed Wallace is kinda really good and kinda really important sometimes.

- Rasheed Wallace is on the Knicks.

- Three weeks in, the Knicks are first in the league in turnover percentage. They turn the ball over on just 10.1% of all plays.

- Three weeks in, the Knicks have the best offensive rating in the league at 122.2 points per 100 possessions.

- I saw a fox last night. Just prancin' around in the street. It sure surprised me!

- Seven of the Knicks' eight wins have been by double digits.

- Again, the Knicks are 8-1, which is the best record in the NBA, which is the planet's most prestigious basketball league.

I'm a little surprised. Check out some other teams' surprises here and feel free to offer your own in the comments.