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Video: Jason Kidd's Steal-Pass in New Orleans

The man is a wizard.


In the third quarter of the Knicks' win over the Hornets Tuesday night, Jason Kidd caught Al-Farouq Aminu dribbling full speed toward him in transition. Right as Aminu gathered to attempt a lay-up, Kidd snaggled the ball away from him, spun toward the baseline, and threw a behind-the-back-falling-out-of-bounds outlet pass all in one motion.

After talking about it last night and seeing some requests for video this morning, I decided to track down the play so we could continue to enjoy Kidd's wizardliness. Sorry about my stuffy little voice-over at the beginning. They insist that I add commentary to these things and the video portion of my intro wasn't working. Anyway, enjoy:

The man just keeps making these casual, incredible plays.

Knicks-Mavericks stuff is comin' up soon. No Reconnaissance tonight, but I'll try to get the game thread up earlier than usual. Oh, and if you can't get enough for my stuffy voice, I'm going on the radio with the WCWP bros tonight at 6:30.