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Monday Wattle-Eyes


Tom Tarrant

Good afternoon, friends. We are but hours away from the Knicks' rescheduled season opener against the Nets. I aspire to have the usual pre-game festivities posted before game time (which is 7:00). For now, enjoy these links I found in my computer.

- The wattle-eyes are a family of African passerines with, ya know, brightly colored wattles on their eyes that they apparently flick around to communicate with one another. The lady pictured above is a brown-throated wattle-eye.

- Rob Mahoney wrote a few incisive words on the increasingly problematic over-switching creeping back into New York's defensive approach. It's really gotten excessive.

- And on that note, Jared Zwerling wonders a bit about what's been slowing down Tyson Chandler.

- Our friend Mike Kurylo breaks down exactly why the Knicks still have one of the league's most efficient offenses. You know what it is: They've shot well and they've taken excellent care of the ball.

- Fat Joe talks about being a Knicks fan, which is a thing he is.

- Neat-o Knicks-Nets fact from Ian Begley:

This is the 168th regular-season -Nets game, and the first in which both teams entered with winning percentages of .600 or higher.

- I did the NBA Power Rankings again this week and put the Knicks sixth.

- Interesting pre-game note from Howard Megdal: The Knicks have been a bad offensive rebounding team and the Nets have been a bad defensive rebounding team (good on their own boards, though, which is worrisome), so when the Knicks shots, the ball will probably just sit there on the floor and everyone will stare it at uncertain of what action to take.

- And here are Jared Dubin's pre-game thoughts.

Yeap. Pre-game stuff coming in a few hours, provided I don't fall aslepaoeifffft43 ty hgprrggggghpreuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu