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Jason Kidd will miss tonight's game against the Nets.


Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

The details of this are getting a bit muddled because of typical Knicks-ian ambiguity, but the upshot, via Al Iannazzone, is as follows:

Jason Kidd is out with back spasms. He didn't make the trip. Knicks may go now and start Kurt.

(He meant go big now.) The Knicks haven't actually acknowledged the back issue as of right now. Tonight aside, I just hope very, very much that this won't be a long-term problem for Kidd. He means way more to the Knicks and to my own happiness than I ever expected, and with an already depleted backcourt, losing him for a significant period of time would be pretty rough. Back spasms can be a bitch and, with the Knicks, I instinctively worry that "back spasms" is code for "Jason's spine is now shaped like an ampersand". We'll see.

For tonight, I'd guess that Iannazzone's right that Woodson is likely to go big now. He's been reluctant to start J.R. Smith, so perhaps Carmelo Anthony will slide down to the starting three spot for the first time this year, leaving room for Rasheed Wallace, Kurt Thomas, or Marcus Camby to check Kris Humphries. Big or small, we'll surely see more of J.R. (and possibly more of Pablo Prigioni) than usual.

We shall see. Game thread coming soon.