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Ronnie Brewer dislocated his finger, X-rays negative.

Brewer hurt his hand during the Knicks' loss to the Nets.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

I'll have a quick, grumpy recap up for y'all in a little bit, but before we get to that, here's an update on Ronnie Brewer. Brewer got his hand popped while reaching in on defense during the fourth quarter of the Knicks' loss to the Nets. The immediate diagnosis was a dislocated ring finger on the left hand.

The report now is that X-rays on the finger were negative, so there's no broken bone or any other weird damage in there, which is very good news. As far as I know, a dislocated finger-- particularly on the off hand-- isn't a huge deal, but it's possible that Brewer could miss a little time if the thing is sore. Particularly with Jason Kidd out for an undetermined period of time (as in, it could be no more time or much mor time), Brewer's pretty necessary right now. Watching Mike Woodson toss James White out on the floor in the waning moments of overtime tonight confirmed that.

In closing: poop.