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Woodson: Ronnie Brewer will play Wednesday, Jason Kidd still out.

Brewer may play with his dislocated finger. Kidd did not travel to Milwaukee.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Ronnie Brewer left the floor in the fourth quarter of Monday's loss to the Nets because he'd done something unpleasant to his finger while reaching in on defense. The immediate diagnosis was a dislocated left ring finger, and subsequent X-rays revealed no further damage. After the finger got popped back into its finger-hole (presumably. One never knows with the Knicks.), it was uncertain what Brewer's availability would be going forward, but according to Al Iannazzone, Mike Woodson gave an update during a radio interview this afternoon:

Mike Woodson said on ESPN Radio that Ronnie Brewer will tape his finger and play the Bucks tomorrow. He called Jason Kidd day to day.

They're calling Kidd's issue back spasms. We saw last night how playing without Kidd (all game) and Brewer (overtime) can hurt the Knicks, so let us hope that Woodson's right about Ronnie (remember that he's working through some knee soreness as well) and that Kidd's day-to-day isn't actually more like day-to-day-to-weeks-to-month-to-year-to-eternity.

Update: It is confirmed that Jason Kidd did not travel with the Knicks to Milwaukee, so he'll be out Wednesday night. Remember: "day-to-day".