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Video: Some Knicks Defensive Breakdowns in Brooklyn

New York's defensive rotations weren't great against the Nets on Monday night.

Bruce Bennett

We've been talking for a few games now about New York's poor defensive rotations. After watching the Knicks over-help and fail to rotate properly in their loss to the Nets on Monday, I figured we ought to document the ineptitude. The Knicks spent much of their night in Brooklyn throwing multiple defenders at Deron Williams and Joe Johnson, which is a reasonable enough gameplan, but they did it in a highly disorganized fashion that granted open looks to the rest of the Nets. Here's me blabbin' about that:

And there was much more. We didn't see many breakdowns like these in the first couple weeks of the season, but it feels like the Knicks have allowed a bunch of open lanes and uncontested threes in each of the last half dozen games or so. New York's defensive efficiency was once ranked atop the whole league, but now it's down to seventeenth. Poop.