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Wednesday Brown-eared Bulbuls


Lip Kee Yap

Salutations! Welcome to Posting and Toasting, a website. Here we have some links for your enjoyment and education.

- From what I've read, it seems like those of you who live in or have visited Asia (a continent over on the right) have seen or at least heard the "noisy squeaking calls" of the Brown-Eared Bulbul.

- In a preview of his "Beginnings" segment, Iman Shumpert waves off Michael Jordan and hits a game-winner.

- People are still buying a lot of Knicks jerseys.

- The Chandlers are still doing great hurricane relief work.

- I'm pretty sure the Knicks are going to move to the top of this list because Pablo Prigioni seems so rhyme-able.

- James White is Kevin Durant's favorite dunker of all time, so that's cool.

- Nate Taylor visited Carmelo Anthony's old home in Red Hook before the game on Monday.

- I have yet to watch/listen to this, but apparently Chucky Brown would like to coach the Knicks someday?

- Jared Zwerling rightfully wonders if we can expect a continued correlation between Jason Kidd's absence and the Knicks' tendency to run isolation sets.

- James Dolan was ranked as one of GQ's "Least Influential People of 2012", which, ya know...we wish.

- Here are my sorta gloomy Knicks Power Rankings from last night.

The Knicks play the Bucks tonight. We'll get to that soon enough. Y'all eating any good lunches?