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It kinda seems like Jason Kidd's going to be out a little while.

Kidd is "day-to-day" with back spasms...

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Yesterday, we got news that Ronnie Brewer intended to keep playing with his sore finger and that Jason Kidd did not travel with the Knicks to Milwaukee. Brewer will indeed play against the Bucks with the fingers on his left hand taped together, but Kidd's status remains uncertain.

I'm beginning to fear an extended absence, too. Mike Woodson reiterated the "day-to-day" prognosis while speaking to reporters today, but we know from experience that that designation means nothing coming from the Knicks. We also know that "back spasms" (and/or back spams) could be code for pretty much any ailment from basic soreness to carnivorous spine eels. Meanwhile, Tyson Chandler's saying stuff like this:

"I reached out to him (yesterday),'' Chandler said. "I'm more concerned about his health. I didn't even go there with him. I know he wanted to be there. I know he knows we need him. He doesn't need any added pressure. We need him to be healthy for the long haul. I'm looking for this year to be a long one. I'm looking for him to be with us down the stretch. It's more important he's healthy than (playing) in November, December.''

He's right, of course. Even so, given Kidd's mostly positive effect on both ends of the floor-- not to mention that his presence allows Carmelo Anthony to spend time at power forward-- an undetermined number of games without him AND Iman Shumpert in any month of the year doesn't sound like fun. We'll see, but I'm certainly not counting on Kidd to come back anytime soon.