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Thursday Rainbow Lorikeets


Peter Linehan

G'afternoon, harpfarts. Wanna look at some links? Go ahead.

- I have trouble fathoming how an animal as colorful as the Rainbow Lorikeet can just EXIST. It's crazy. I just spent a lot of time thinking about that on a weekday.

- Kevin Pelton's analysis of the Knicks' performance with and without Jason Kidd is well worth a read. I think it also lends some support (as Pelton suggested today) to the viability of the Raymond Felton-Pablo Prigioni tandem in Kidd's absence. It certainly looked good last night.

- And on that note, Pablo's post-game media availability last night was typically charming.

- I think you'll enjoy looking at Robert Silverman's contemplation of Steve Novak, as well as the accompanying sketch.

- And if you're still interested in the meaning of Linsanity, you might like Robert's participation in this Huffington Post discussion. It's a little aggravating.

- Just so you know, there is a campaign to get Rasheed Wallace in the All-Star Game.

- I haven't actually seen this, but apparently Mike Woodson told Alan Hahn he'd shave if the Knicks won a championship. Suddenly I don't want the Knicks to win any more games ever.

- Tyson Chandler has made 32 of his last 36 shots, which seems good.

- Some reactions to Steve Novak's coast-to-coast layup last night:


Ha, Chandler on Novak's steal & non-dunk: "White man can’t jump. He almost missed the layup. He should’ve ran back to the 3-pt line.’’

2 (from Steve himself):

After reading my Twitter feed, tomorrows one and only mission in practice… PRACTICE DUNKING! LOL #whiteguyproblems

- And here's Sheed claiming he got fouled on that missed dunk last night.

- Since I know people were wondering: Gerald Wallace did end up getting a warning for that flop against the Knicks. The Knicks get the win now, right?

- Since it's Thursday, I should be on the radio here at 6:30.