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Tyson Chandler missed practice with the flu, but he's probable to play Sunday.

Wash your hands, Tyson.

Nick Laham

Something about playing the Heat makes Tyson Chandler ill, I guess? Chandler missed practice Saturday because of "flu-like symptoms". As of right now, the Knicks are calling Tyson "probable" to play against the 76ers on Sunday afternoon. I take this to mean that he will probably play, because I have excellent reasoning skills. Still, the Knicks might be wise to turn to Zydon Chandler and avoid the possibility of contagion.

I haven't seen anything else post-practice besides Carmelo Anthony totally reneging on his chillness about PA announcer Mike Walczewski calling him "Melo Anthony" and/or just "Melo":

Carmelo on dropping the "Car" from his first name: "They messed it up, man. . . . I'm still Carmelo Anthony."

Broooo whyyyy???

So, yeah, Chandler sounds like he'll be good to go. If not, I mean, the Sixers won't have Andrew Bynum (unless he suddenly becomes available out of the blue), so it'd only be fair. Feel better, Tyson. Have yourself a few soups and get to bed early. Tip-off's at noon tomorrow, so no sleeping in (this is mostly a reminder for myself)!