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Shootaround: No Jason Kidd Tonight, Lineup Likely to Stay the Same

The Knicks will look pretty much the same Friday as they did on Wednesday.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Hey! Hi. The Knicks have a basketball game tonight at home against the Washington Wizards. Shootaround just happened and we got a couple updates on what to expect tonight:

- Jason Kidd is still out, but he was at shootaround and told reporters that an MRI on his lower back came up negative. He's hoping to return next week, so we can safely assume he'll be back by no later than 2027.

- With Kidd out, Mike Woodson will likely stick with the same starting lineup he played in Milwaukee. If things go the way they did Wednesday, he'll start Kurt Thomas only to swiftly remove him and never play him again. I don't understand that tactic at all, but whatever. Look for more lineups featuring Raymond Felton and Pablo Prigioni in tandem and more lineups with Steve Novak and Carmelo Anthony at the forward spots.

- Oh, and one more thing: Amar'e Stoudemire's did some light basketball stuff in view of the media. Good to hear.

More pre-Knicks-Wizards stuff coming up. Remember that today is Friday, which means that tonight is Friday Night Knicks, which means you should be sharpening your scimitar and spilling some calf's blood to appease the basketball gods this afternoon. On that note, what's for lunch today?