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Monday African Scops Owls


Vernon Swanepoel

Good day, good friends. We're currently taking intermission while the Knicks and 76ers change sets for Act Two of their epic battle. While we wait, I've got a whole bunch of links to share from the previous game and beyond.

- That owl looks like a goddamn tree! It's making me wonder what sort of camouflage I'd want if I could have camouflage. It's also making me wonder if, as an individual of a pinkish off-white hue, there are any settings in which my skin would serve as camouflage. Maybe, like, if there was a wall of that cream cheese that has the lox right in it? I could blend into that, I think. And then I'd eat it. I'd eat a wall.

- Chris Copeland's "rookie hazing" (note: Chris is 28 years old.) required him to wear a tuxedo and Jordans after yesterday's game. I heard somewhere else (can't remember where) that that was Marcus Camby's idea. That's pretty cruel, Marcus.

- Sheed tweet of the day from Moke Hamilton:

Quote of the day goes to Sheed Wallace: "My speed isn't the same. My agility isn't the same, but I can still talk."

- This has been around for a few days, but Kirk Goldsberry's "heat mapping" of Carmelo Anthony's favorite spots is well worth a look.

- On that note, check out these two similar outputs from yesterday and from the first two games in aggregate.

- And here's some info about the Knicks' success in the paint through the first two games (unsurprising: They did better there against Philly than they did against Miami).

- If you missed it, Clyde's suit situation was especially resplendent yesterday. There are a lot of photos like that on the internet and someone really ought to make a .gif with Clyde just standing, holding his mic while his suit rapidly changes color. Anybody?

- I don't want this to start any sort of debate here (please), but I figure this list of NBA folks who've made campaign donations would be of interest, especially because a few Knicks people show up.

- J.R. Smith-- New Jersey native, New York athlete, and former New Orleans athlete-- talks about hurricanes.

- Raymond Felton discusses over-passin'. That's been a bit of a theme so far.

- The BayHawks' big selection in the D-League draft was Jack McClinton, who I think the Knicks really liked back in '09 (but not enough to pass on Toney Douglas for him).

- An homage to Jason Kidd's wonderful first two games.

- Update: If y'all don't know about Spilly yet, now's your chance. Spilly is my hero.

Yeah! No pre-game recon or anything today, but I'll keep y'all up to date about any thingz that emerge between now and game thread time. Enjoy your day!