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Postgame: Knicks 110, 76ers 88



I have no idea what's going on, guys. I guess the Sixers aren't at full strength, but after beating them pretty badly the previous game, the Knicks just weathered an early run and laid waste to them this evening in Philadelphia.

The defense was very strong...again. The three-point shots were ample and accurate...again. New York played at a deliberately slow pace, took care of the ball, spread around the scoring, and got rebounding contributions from several different people. Again. The Knicks spent a good two fifths or so of the game (a big chunk of the second half) just trotting out weird lineups and chucking threes...and somehow built their lead. Philadelphia scored 20 points in the third quarter.

I don't really know what the customary behavior is in a situation like this. I feel happy and I've done some shouting and stuff, but do I like buy myself a trophy or something? That doesn't sound right. I know I'm gonna start wearing a hat now. Definitely feeling like a hat guy.

There's gonna be a recap up later once I figure out what's happening here.