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Video: J.R. Smith trails the play, dunks from waaaaay out.

My goodness.


I'm working on a quick recap for y'all right now, but this just can't wait. If you haven't already found it yourself, I present you with video of the foremost highlight (and there were several to choose from) from the Knicks' 110-88 win over the Sixers tonight. Early in the fourth quarter, Pablo Prigioni snaggled Evan Turner's dribble and took off in the open court, only to be chased down by Turner and Jrue Holiday. The rest of the Knicks, assuming that Pablo had the easy lay-in, didn't really run with him. J.R. Smith, though, saved the day, rushing in at the last second to corral a low pass and do this:

Here's the .gif version:



1. That is the trailerest trailer play I've ever seen.

2. J.R. COULD have screamed "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?" into the crowd, but he totally didn't and I admire his restraint.

3. Gotta love that quick shot of Doug Collins sittin' on the bench, just grumblin' all like "what what dunk I'm just fishin' for boogers over here don't know anything about any dunks".

And, via Frank Isola, the best part of all this:

Pablo Prigioni on his no-look pass that led to J.R. Smith's highlight reel dunk: "He catch it...and then he fly."