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Wednesday Peruvian Thick-Knees


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Good day, eels. The Knicks don't have another game until Friday, which feels pretty weird coming off the pace of last year's condensed schedule. Even with weather expected in the area, Mike Woodson wants to hold practice today, so we'll see what comes of that. For now, links:

- Thick-knees (also known as stone-curlews) got some thick-knees, y'all.

- Whether or not you were pleased with the results of last night's election, you should be a little disappointed we didn't end up with a President Sheed.

- My first Knicks Power Rankings of the regular season dRoPpeD last night.

- My friend Adam Figman shared these mid-aughts Knicks nesting dolls yesterday.

- No Shawn Marion for the Mavericks on Friday.

- The Knicks have been calling Tyson Chandler's strep throat the "Bosh bug". He blames it on his kids.

- Iman Shumpert's recovery time is what it was.

- He's also got a new track out featuring Chrisette Michelle, who is someone I've heard of, so that's cool.

- I'm not really sure why, but this dress shirt is named after Jeff Van Gundy.

- J.R. Smith, who appears very sunglassed in this video, has some genuinely interesting things to say about LeBron James's new sneakers. Chris Smith, too.

- Everybody has really positive stuff to say about Rasheed Wallace.

That's all for now! Please share your lunches (meaning I want to know what you're having for lunch, but you could actually give me some of it if you want) in the comments.