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Marcus Camby scrimmaged today, could play Friday.

Camby says he was ready LAST Friday, for what it's worth.


Evening, jimmies. The Knicks practiced today after taking Tuesday to rest, and the big news is that Marcus Camby finally got to play some basketball. Today was his first day scrimmaging with the rest of the bros, which resulted in scenes like this one, via Jake Appleman:

The Prigioni/Sheed high p/r with a Camby duck-in. I might bid on a Bill Clinton saxaphone.

Yes. Yes. I like this. Meanwhile, Camby said afterward that he felt fine, and, in fact, has felt fine this whole time:

"I was ready to play in the Miami game, but I don't make those decisions," he said. "I just have to be ready when my name is called."


"I practiced last week, too, and I felt I could have helped the team," he said. "But now, we know the schedule is Friday then Tuesday, so we'll get good practice in."

That's good to hear, and yet I still think it was wise of Mike Woodson to sit Camby until he'd gotten to spin with his teammates in a controlled environment. It's crazy, but New York's system at the moment is a well-oiled machine, and you can't just toss in a new cog without testing it out first.

Anyway, I imagine we'll be seeing Camby in the near future. If not Friday, then certainly by next Tuesday. I'm excited what he can add and how the rotation shifts to include him.

I also hope his new responsibilities won't deter him from making hysterical troll faces while on the bench. That'd be a shame.