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These orange things appear to be the Knicks' Winter League jerseys.

They are orange.

I've seen these photos passed around the comment sections the last couple of days, and it seems they're the real thing. Our friends at The Knicks Wall got their hands on the Adidas promotional photos of the monochromatic "Winter League" jerseys the Knicks and several other teams will wear a couple times this season. Some thoughts about them:

1. They are orange.

2. One thing you might say about them is that they are orange.

3. If the Knicks play home games in these, they're gonna be camouflaged in the paint. This could be advantageous and also a pain in the ass to watch on TV.

4. If the Knicks play any games outside at night, even in snowy weather, I'm confident cars will be able to spot and avoid them.

5. Orange

6. The Knicks should avoid crosswalks and construction sites while wearing these jerseys because people are going to assume they work there.

7. I like Iman Shumpert's sneakers in this photo. They are mostly not orange.

8. "Winter League" is not a thing, just so we're clear. These jerseys are just gonna be worn in some regular games. If it was a thing, it should be number 4.

9. At least they're not green.

What do y'all think?