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Thursday Oriental Dollarbirds



Evening, friends! How's your day been? If you said something to the effect of "bad", allow me to improve it with some Knicks links. If you said something to the effect of "good", allow me to ruin it with some Knicks links.

- Dollarbirds are called such because they have coin-shaped markings on their wings. I don't see 'em.

- At HoopChalk, a celebration of Tyson Chandler's excellent screen-slipping ability (among others', but Tyson is totally the star).

- The Marcus Camby-driven "rookie hazing" of Chris Copeland continued after the Philly game. On one hand, the girly backpack thing is super played out. On the other hand, cool KnicksTape hat, Cope.

- An alternative to not getting ahead of ourselves after a 3-0 start is getting WAY ahead of ourselves like our friends at Knicks Bricks.

- Carmelo Anthony didn't do a very good job at Jonah Ballow's "Speed Drills" game. Not as well as J.R. did.

- Fun (obvious) fact about this 3-0 start: The Heat and Sixers are otherwise undefeated.

- Worth noting that eight of the next ten games are on the road.

- The immensely talented Robert Silverman is apparently crazy good at drawing Steve Novak??? I like to imagine that he's ONLY good at drawing Steve Novak. Either way, that picture will accompany a forthcoming piece Bobbo wrote for The Classical. I'm looking forward to it.

- I wrote a little more about Marcus Camby's return here.

- There'll be a Hurricane Sandy fundraiser during the game on Friday.

- I'll be on the radio with my WCWP friends at 6:30, and this time they actually have electricity and I'll actually be on.

That's all for the moment! <3