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Friday Red-Legged Seriemas


Manfred Werner

Good day! We've finally got another basketball game to watch tonight at 7:30. Before we get into that, allow me to share a few links, some of which actually pertain to tonight's game.

- The Red-Legged Seriema is a crane-like bird with a cool crest on its face that runs around South America kicking stuff and preying on critters. Hey gymtanlandry, did you see any of these guys in Argentina?

- Mike Woodson may or may stick with Carmelo Anthony at the four and Jason Kidd at the two tonight against Dallas. It depends on how big Rick Carlisle goes with his lineup, which leaves me to wonder whether a front line of Jae Crowder, Elton Brand, and Chris Kaman qualifies as big (Shawn Marion is out, Brand is back after the birth of his daughter. Congratulations, Elton!).

- Meanwhile, along with Marcus Camby being ready, Tyson Chandler will play strep-free and without a knee brace. Kinda crazy that, along with everything else, these Knicks have been playing with Tyson at less than full strength.

- Speaking of Tyson, don't forget the back story Chandler and Kidd have with these Mavericks. Well, forget it if you want, but they certainly don't.

- I hope I'm not blowing up Jared Dubin's spot here, but I've been watching this side out of bounds set he posted over and over and over and I really like it.

- Way to be, Melo.

- If you've been unable to comprehend this hot Knicks start without the insights of John McEnroe, I've got good news for you.

- This Shaun Powell article on the Knicks' start is worth a read, but I'm really linking it because of that Eastern Conference All-Injured All-Star lineup. That's a pretty great team right there.

- Some more stats to illustrate New York's excellent offense so far.

- Props to Chef Jerome Brown for keeping Raymond Felton in playing shape.

- Nothing's decided yet for John Shurna. I think we're gonna keep checking in on him until he lands somewhere, even if that somewhere is, like, a think tank.

- Related: I do not know what a think tank is, but I picture an aquarium filled with smart people.

Yeah! Recon and thread later, y'all.