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Pablo's Oop to J.R. and Other Leftovers from Knicks-Wizards

Some odds and ends left over from the Knicks' win over the Wizards.

Bruce Bennett

Good morning, children. Last night's win over the Wizards was a fun one. If you missed it or just yearn for some instant nostalgia, here are some things you might enjoy:

- November's over. The Knicks are 11-4. Some notes about all that:

1. Ian Begley:

The are 6-0 at home for the first time since 1992-1993. Their 11 wins in November are the highest win total for a month since 3/00.

2. Alan Hahn:

Also, the Knicks haven't been seven games over .500 after the first month of the season since the 1993-94 season (9-2).

The Knicks are 17-1 at home since Mike Woodson took over, by the way.

- Here's Pablo Prigioni's typically charming post-game interview was typically charming.

- Carmelo Anthony's post-game interview had a lot of words on its sweater.


- Mike Woodson explains (as best as he's willing) Marcus Camby's absence:

"I decided tonight to go with the young guys," Woodson said. "Marcus is a pro, he understands. He's here for the long haul and he's here to help us win. I decided to go with (James) White and (Chris) Copeland tonight, and I thought they played well for the minutes they received."

- Via our friend Jared Dubin, This is from around the third quarter (before garbage time minutes muddled stuff). Check out the left vs. right corner and left vs. right elbow:

  on Twitpic

- And on that note, here's one of several beautiful cross-court (to the left corner) passes Melo threw last night:

- And, in closing, a couple of J.R. Smith plays (with some perfect table-setting by Prigioni in one of 'em) that deserve a few more looks:

I don't think I've ever seen that Euro step from J.R. before.



(Thanks, chrive).

The Knicks are reportedly holding practice today for the first time since November 14th, if there are updates to be updated afterward, I'll update 'em. Have a lovely day.