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Here is an Iman Shumpert music video.

Shump's music video for "Anarchy".


Iman Shumpert, as we've discussed, likes to rap. He's been doing it for quite a while, and has only become more prolific with all the free time he's got while rehabilitating a knee injury. Last week, we heard the final version of Shump's "Knicks Anthem" and now we're presented with what I believe is Shump's first official music video. It's for a track called "Anarchy" featuring a person called Phlybb, which I assume is pronounced "fly B", and not "flib". Anyway, here it is:

Not bad. Mixtape coming soon, apparently. I like Shump's choice of a backward Carmelo Anthony jersey, though a deeper cut like a Steve Novak, Pablo Prigioni, or Chris Copeland would have been a bit cooler. Very creative use of sneakers, too. I saw a sneaker phone, a sneaker glove, AND a sneaker hat. (Update: And there's a pizza phone. Somehow missed that until right now.)

Meanwhile, if you're more interested in Iman's basketball career than his music career: 1. January, we hope. 2. stingy d's been linking the good good Shump highlights in this thread.