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Tuesday Turtle Doves



Good afternoon, citizens. Let us link and be linked.

- Turtle doves are a Christmas thing, right? I'm totally being seasonal? Also, did you know that the "turtle" label comes from the fact that they make a "turr-turr" sound?

- Our friend Dan's breakdown of the Knicks' first quarter season is excellent.

- Ian Levy has some great stuff about the Knicks' improved shot selection this season.

- Jared Dubin just told the Nets the Knicks' entire offense, pretty much. THANKS, JARED. (Seriously, though, that's great.)

- Mike Kurylo analyzed Jason Kidd's path to becoming the high-volume, high-accuracy three-point shooter he's been so far this year.

- Cool quotes in here about Carmelo Anthony deferring to Jason Kidd a bit late in that Nuggets game, or at least requesting Kidd as a conduit. I gave a lot of "I dunno, I guess guys like Melo respect him" answers when people asked me about Kidd over the summer, and I guess that's what I was talking about.

- I am strongly in favor of The Knicks Wall's new "Walt Wore What?" feature.

- Here are some celebrity chefs holding the Knicks' awful orange jerseys.

- Amar'e Stoudemire is geeeeettttiiiiiiing clooooooossseeeeeerrrr to being cleared for practice.

- I did the Power Rankings again yesterday and put the Knicks third.

- I just noticed this "Signature Move" thing with Raymond Felton that went up over a week ago. It's kinda funny that he chose a floater, since it's not really something he executes with much success. "diving righty lay-in on the left side of the rim" might have been more appropriate. It'd also have been great if Ray was like "yeah, so you just miss the floater, then Tyson rebounds it and dunks it."

Those are the links. Hope they clicked well for you.