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Game Thread: Knicks at Nets- 12/11/12

The Knicks face the Nets in Brooklyn.


Here we are! New York's re-match with the Nets is at 7 PM (I've always wondered why some East Coast arenas tip at 7 while others, including MSG, tip at 7:30. The earlier the better, I say). It's the Knicks' last away game for quite a while, and the Nets are closing up a five-game homestand that's been uniformly unsuccessful so far (sans Brook Lopez).

Lopez will miss another game for the Nets, so Andray Blatche and Reggie Evans will start with Kris Humphries coming off the bench. Rasheed Wallace is expected to return for the Knicks. Basketball will be played. One team will win, and I hope that team is the Knicks.

Comment along here if you're watching and visit Nets Daily for Brooklyn coverage. In both cases, please be nothing but respectful to any Nets fans you should encounter. As usual, please don't post large photos, .gifs, or links to illegal streams in the thread. Get 'em, Knicks.