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Video: Jason Kidd's Three Beats the Nets

Thanks, Jason.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

This is actually the first time I'm really watching the Jason Kidd three from last night. I was freaking out too much last night to see any of the replays. Here's the broadcast view:

And here, via $100 Million Contract, is a courtside view. This is the view from an RPG game in which you play as Spike Lee:

The initial play, remember, ended in a deep J.R. Smith three that missed, but Carmelo Anthony tracked down Tyson Chandler's tip and kicked off what you see above. Nice to see the Knicks run something vaguely resembling a set (the Smith shot wasn't a good one, but came off decent movement) instead of having Melo try to take everyone by himself. Raymond Felton's drive-and-kick got Kidd a good, open look. That group hug celebration is just sublime.

And, uh...yeap, that's almost certainly an offensive foul. I haven't seen any ref call that this season, but to my eye, that's pretty clearly what that was. Oh well. That part of the play didn't end up mattering, and, ya know, maybe it was payback for all the times Kidd was a sneaky little shit at the Knicks' expense over the years. We'll take it.

Update: Changed my mind. Stackhouse fouled Kidd. This is a foul.