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Wednesday American Oystercatchers


Bear Golden Retriever

Good evening, sweet geniuses! I've got some driving to do this evening, but before I depart, there must be links. Welcome to my world of links.

- I bet YOU wish YOU had a "large, heavy beak...used to pry open bivalve molluscs".

- J.R. Smith says he's fine, so perhaps it really was just a quick bout of spasms. We'll see what comes of that.

- Beckley Mason does an excellent job breaking down and making a case for the efficacy of New York's three-pointer-heavy offense.

- The Knicks rode on a bus yesterday.

- Did this actually count as a shot attempt? If so...sorry, Raymond. That stinks.

- Jason Kidd rhymez over Jason Kidd highlightz.

- Jared Zwerling's in-depth look at Marcus Camby's relentless hazing of soon-to-be ladybug Chris Copeland.

- Mike Woodson acknowledged Iman Shumpert's rapping AND his haircut.

- From last night (pre-Nets game), my Knicks Power Rankings for The Sports Section.


That is it! Time is up!