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J.R. Smith is probable to play against the Lakers.

Despite back spasms, Smith will likely suit up.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Something looked seriously wrong with J.R. Smith during the Knicks' win over the Nets on Tuesday. J.R.'s back appeared to tighten up early in the game, then some hard fouls had him lying prone on the floor in pain on several occasions. By the end of the night, J.R.'s gait had devolved into something hunched and twisted, as if he feared he'd pass a vertebra if he stood up straight. It didn't look good.

Yesterday, though, J.R. twat that he was "fine" and "preparing for the game" (then proceeded to get in Twitter fights with several Laker fans). This morning, the Knicks are listing him as probable for tonight's match-up with the Lakers. With all these hoary veterans around, it's nice to remember the Knicks have a few younger guys who can take minor injuries in stride. On that note, our friend Marcus Camby remains "questionable" for tonight.

More Knicks-Lakers stuff later.