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Final Score: Knicks 116, Lakers 107

Carmelo Anthony sprained his ankle after a huge 23 minutes, but the Knicks survived a Laker come back to remain undefeated at home.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

After an absolutely blissful first half, the second half got a trifle too scary without Carmelo Anthony around to anchor the Knicks' offense. New York survived, though. Praise be to Tyson Chandler's back-taps.

That Melo-led, three-point-crazy first half was pretty great, though. Anthony had 22 in the first quarter alone, out-dueling Kobe Bryant with pull-up threes and drives to the rim past the Lakers' awful help defense.The rest of the Knicks hit all their jumpers and gained enough ground to weather a gradual but substantial Laker comeback in the second half.

The major remaining scare now is Melo's ankle. Anthony sprained his left ankle when Dwight Howard fouled him hard in the third quarter and it remains to be seen how hurt he is and whether he'll have to miss any time.

Pleasant night. Recap coming up later.