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Carmelo Anthony is questionable for Saturday's game against the Cavaliers.

They're still calling it a mild ankle sprain.

Bruce Bennett

Hello, friends. There is an awful, unfathomable story unfolding near us right now-- a story from which I hope you are all at a very safe distance-- but this is a Knicks blog, so here is some Knicks news. Reporters got an update on Carmelo Anthony's condition today after he sprained his ankle during last night's win over the Lakers. Here's what they heard:

Carmelo Anthony is listed as questionable for Saturday's -Cavs game. He did not need x-rays on his injured left ankle.

I take "no X-rays needed" to mean Melo doesn't feel too, too much pain this morning, both in the ankle and in the other sore parts of that leg, but one never knows with the Knicks' medical staff. If he sits Saturday against Cleveland (probably a wise choice), the next game isn't until Monday against the Rockets.

But yeah, this doesn't really feel like it matters right now.

Update: This pretty much falls in line with everything above.