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Carmelo Anthony is not expected to play Saturday.

Still listed as "questionable", but expected to sit.

Kevork Djansezian

I'm in an airport on shitty internet, but here's a quick update while I still have a borrowed wireless signal. Carmelo Anthony and his sprained ankle, though they are still listed as "questionable" for tonight's game against the Cavaliers, are not expected to participate. Marc Berman:

Carmelo Anthony, nursing a sprained left ankle, is listed as questionable for tonight’s game against Cleveland but is not expected to play as he tries to rests up for Monday when Jeremy Lin returns to the Garden.

Anthony underwent treatment yesterday at the Knicks practice facility, though the team did not practice.

Yeah, man. Totally resting up for Lin.

We'll see what happens, but I think it does make sense for Melo to take a couple extra days to rest the ankle. If you just go by performance this season, the Knicks should be able to handle the Cavs without him. If you go by the way the Cavs have historically bedeviled the Knicks, New York is due for a loss either way. More later.