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Final Score: Knicks 103, Cavaliers 102

Way too close.


That got weird. Thanks to Kyrie Irving's unyielding excellence, the Cavaliers played the Knicks pretty evenly all night. New York looked to have it in hand down the stretch, though...until Irving took over. He hit an impossible layup and a pair of contested threes to bite into New York's lead. A couple sickening missed free throws from good shooters like J.R. Smith and Steve Novak gave the Cavs a shot, and Anderson Varejao ended up on the line with 1 second left and a chance to tie it, but rimmed out his second free throw, handing the Knicks the in.

Weird, kinda yucky game, but without Carmelo Anthony against a team that tends to bother the Knicks, we'll take it. Solid game from Raymond Felton, huge second half by Tyson Chandler, and a fine performance by Jason Kidd despite awful perimeter shooting. 10-0 at home, y'all.