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Carmelo Anthony is questionable for Monday, too.

Melo may sit his second straight game.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, friends. Here's an update on the status of Carmelo Anthony, who missed Saturday's win over the Cavaliers because of what they're calling a mild sprain to his left ankle. Ian Begley:

are listing Carmelo Anthony as questionable for Monday's game vs. Houston. Team says he hasn't undergone an MRI or x-ray on injury.

Perhaps I'm missing something, but I've never understood why the Knicks don't just send any player with a somewhat serious injury in for imaging. It seems obvious to at least do an MRI to be safe, especially after a fall as ugly as the one Melo took, and especially when he's still in pain days later. Then again, Melo might be ready to go and Mike Woodson just delaying his activation as long as possible to mess with the Rockets. Or Melo's left foot might be a withered husk of an appendage at this point. One never knows with the Knicks!

In other injury news, here are a few encouraging updates on the progress of Amar'e Stoudemire of Iman Shumpert, also via Begley. Can't wait to have those kids back.

Update: From Begley:

A source close to Anthony says that he wants badly to play against the Rockets but, as of Sunday evening, his status was uncertain due to lingering effects of the injury.

Anthony, according to a team source, is expected to test the injury some time prior to tip-off on Monday, most likely during the team's shootaround on Monday morning.