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Amar'e Stoudemire, Chris Copeland, and James White will all join the BayHawks today.

The BayHawks are in New York to practice with Cope, White, and the rehabbing Amar'e.

Bruce Bennett

Good day, friends. We learned last night that Amar'e Stoudemire would practice with the Erie BayHawks today, and now we've a bit more detail on the subject. What the Knicks are doing isn't totally unprecedented, but it's an unusual and sorta innovative use of the D-League.

What they're doing is flying the BayHawks up to Westchester for the day, perhaps a couple days. The Erie bros, whose next game is on Friday in Springfield, MA, will run their practice at the Knicks training facility and Amar'e-- "assigned" to the team for just the next day or two-- will join them. Chris Copeland (fresh off his 29-point sexplosion) and James White, we just learned, will join the BayHawks as well. Al Iannazzone says all the assignments are just for a day or two of practice, Cope and White included (this was initially unclear). Those two will presumably match up with Amar'e while he gets used to running the same plays the Knicks run, then rejoin the Knicks for Wednesday's game against the Nets. Hopefully, Amar'e can keep from cracking knees with Cope this time around.

Anyway, cool use of the affiliate, Knicks. I like the idea of both teams running in the same gym, like a combined JV/varisty practice, and I look forward to hearing how Amar'e handled his first extended full-court, full-contact session.

Update: BayHawks practice is done. Amar'e says his knee is sore (which is to be expected) and that he's unsure of when he'll return. He also says he's fine coming off the bench upon returning if that's what's asked of him. Cool.

Update: Woodson hasn't announced his lineup decision for Amar'e yet, but expects Amar'e to practice with the team on Thursday if he's ready.