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Carmelo Anthony is a game-time decision for Wednesday, too.

His ankle is still sore and swollen.


Carmelo Anthony showed up and spoke to Knicks reporters at Knicks practice this morning. After shooting and running a bit, here's what he had to say:

Adam Zagoria:

Melo said he was able to run a little bit today after ankle sprain last week. 'I never took a fall like that. I think I got lucky.'

Nate Taylor:

Carmelo Anthony: "Knee is fine. Hip is fine. Right not it’s just my ankle. It’s badly bruised."

Jonah Ballow:

"I might come back tonight & get a little light workout in & tomorrow AM. So, I will probably be a game time decision at this point" Melo

The general feeling from those who spoke to Melo is that, with the pain and swelling in the ankle, he's unlikely to be ready for the Nets tomorrow night. We'll see. No sense in rushing, but the Knicks could certainly use him back in the lineup.