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Tuesday Bobolinks


D. Gordon E. Robertson

Hey babies. After a bad loss, the Knicks will look to get back on track tomorrow against the Nets. While they rest, we link.

- Well, the name "bobolink" clearly lends itself to a link post. It's also referenced pretty frequently in poetry and literature.

- Here's Iman Shumpert discussing his rap career, promoting his forthcoming mixtape (drops on Friday), freestyling, and unabashedly shitting on every other athlete rapper.

- To follow up on today's Amar'e Stoudemire stuff: 1. He says he's fine coming off the bench if need be. 2. He was predictably sore after practice today and downplayed suggestions that he might return by Christmas. Take your time, big friend.

- This week's Knicks Power Rankings.

- I think the excellent Lang Whitaker's characterization of the New York offense is a little off, but I appreciate that he appreciates these Knicks.

- Our friend normanhathaway passed along this great follow-up to our interview with Knicks logo designer Michael Doret.

- The Basketball Jones NBA Christmas Collection video is great and includes a Rasheed Wallace jingle.

- Video: Jeremy Lin and J.R. Smith trade airballs on Monday night. One of many calamitous moments (and one of many crucial failures to swing momentum).

That's it. Have a lovely evening, friends. I hope you eat some great dinners.