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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Nets- 12/19/12

Melo will play.

Al Bello

Good evening! Knicks-Nets is nearly upon us. There's news:

1. Carmelo Anthony will start for the Knicks tonight. He probably won't be as effective as he usually is, but he'll play, and that's very nice. Just take it easy out there, Melo. Please.

2. Steve Novak, who is ill, will not play. Marcus Camby and Rasheed Wallace will remain out.

3. Jerry Stackhouse and Josh Childress are still out for Brooklyn.

Cool. I hope Melo can play somewhat like himself, because the Knicks are going to need a whole lot of offense if their defense looks anything like it has against the Nets/everybody recently.

The game tonight "starts" at 7 on MSG and ESPN. Comment along here if you're watching and check out Nets Daily as well. As usual, please be respectful to everyone both here and there. If folks come here to troll, please just flag the comments and move on. Please also refrain from posting large photos, .gifs, and links to illegal streams in this thread. Go the Knicks!