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Here's why Rasheed Wallace only played 1:25 today.

Ball don't lie.


Before I get to the game recap, here's some quick documentation of Rasheed Wallace's impressively swift ejection during today's win over the Suns. Soon after entering the game, Sheed got his first technical for taking an extra swipe at Luis Scola after fouling him. When Goran Dragic missed the ensuing free throw, Sheed bellowed "BALL DON'T LIE" even louder and more demonstratively than he usually does. Rodney Mott and company weren't having it, so Sheed was tossed. He had a few more kind words to share whilst departing.

And that's why Rasheed Wallace played 1:25 against the Suns today. It was the fastest ejection ever for a man who's been ejected plenty in his career. Thanks be to Chris Copeland for making sure it didn't matter.