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Raymond Felton's MRI revealed a bone bruise, contusion in his left hand.

He's day-to-day.


Well, the following news comes with the usual grain of salt, but it's a relief. After whacking his left hand pretty hard in the fourth quarter of the Knicks' win over the Suns, Raymond Felton looked to be in quite a bit of pain. Ever the dog, Felton played through the pain, but experienced swelling after the game and underwent an MRI. We've now got the MRI results and they're not as bad as we feared:

The MRI on Raymond Felton's hand revealed a contusion and a bone bruise. He is day to day, the knicks said.

So, unless the Knicks missed something (a broken bone, a ruptured sac of hydrochloric acid, hand scorpions), this is pretty much the best possible outcome. "Day-to-day" means Ray might very well be ready for the Knicks' next game, which isn't until Wednesday in Charlotte. That one's the first of a back-to-back (the next game being in Miami), so letting him sit seems like a possibility, but I doubt Felton will take kindly to that option. (Remember that he played-- pretty poorly-- through a hand injury back in 2011.)

Meanwhile, the Knicks are hoping Jason Kidd's back will have de-spasmed enough to permit a return at some point in the road trip. We shall see.