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Amar'e, White, and Copeland with the BayHawks again, Shumpert cleared for conditioning.

They're back for another practice.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Today's another joint Knicks/BayHawks practice in Westchester. As was the case Tuesday, the Knicks have given the Erie bros a court at the practice facility and sent Amar'e Stoudemire, James White, and Chris Copeland over there to scrimmage with them. It's the same deal as it was earlier in the week: all three guys are "assigned" to the BayHawks (White and Cope technically had to be "re-assigned", since they were on New York's active roster last night), but none are expected to actually play for Erie. It's just another chance for Stoudemire to test his knee in some full-court run and for White and Cope to do the same while giving Amar'e some extra support/competition. Regardless of how Stoudemire feels following the second scrimmage, Mike Woodson doesn't expect him back by this weekend (Which is fine, right? Don't rush). In the meantime, Amar'e dunked, so that's cool. He also hit a "sweet turnaround". You can just keep checking Nate Taylor's Twitter for live updates on Amar'e's scrimmage. Or Berman's, I suppose.

In other practice news:

- Steve Novak has apparently recovered enough from his flu-like symptoms to practice. Welcome back, Steve.

- Iman Shumpert was cleared for conditioning drills and ran those with the BayHawks this afternoon. No contact, no basketball, but still an important step in the Reshumpification.

- Rasheed Wallace: Still hobblin' around in a boot.

Excellent. All good things. I'm about to leave for a little while, but I'll add some updates if there are any to add post-practice.