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Thursday Great Arguses


Peter Gordon

Good evening! So many links for you, friends. I've got so many links to share that I don't even have time to finish this se

- The argus! It's a pretty chill fowl. It's also a many-eyed mythical beast and a term for a very observant person. Argus.

- Link number one is Ian O'Connor's in-depth profile of Knicks Director of Pro Scouting and Free Agency (a.k.a somebody partially responsible for the Knicks being 19-6 right now) John Gabriel, who has-- unbeknownst to the public until now, I believe-- been living with Parkinson's disease for a couple years now. He's survived some pretty horrific stuff in the past, too. Very interesting piece about a really admirable individual.

- Amar'e Stoudemire probably won't be back during this home stand, which was to be expected.

- From a few days ago, Spike Lee buys Pablo Prigioni some new shoes. The ensuing conversation is wonderful.

- Jared Zwerling details exactly how and why the Knicks' defense has been so awful over the last few weeks.

- Here are two terrific interviews with our beloved Chris Copeland, who has the same "flavor" as Pablo.

- I don't know or care about Tyson Chandler being the best center in the NBA, but I do love Ethan Strauss's piece on Chandler's tendency to do relatively few things, but do those few things almost perfectly.

- I contributed to Hickory High's annual Christmas Wishes piece. I just want all the Knicks to be healthy.

- J.R. Smith's recent improvement may have something to do with some extra attention from Coach Woodson.

- Speaking of J.R., you can re-tattoo him!

- Our friend Devin Kharpertian analyzed the Knicks' pick-and-roll domination Wednesday night from a Nets perspective and in hilarious detail.

- Iman Shumpert got profiled by Interview Magazine and, among other things, mentioned that he doesn't necessarily LIKE playing defense. He just feels deeply compelled to do it. He does like music, though.

- Probably not, but oh well.

- Our friend Jon on why comparing Jeremy Lin to Raymond Felton just isn't a useful exercise.

- I guess Tyson Chandler's gonna be on Fallon tonight? Hopefully he doesn't destroy the whole set. (Thank you for sharing that one, Dead and gone. thank you so very much.)

- I'll be on the radio in the usual spot tonight at 6:30 Eastern even though I'M IN A DIFFERENT TIME ZONE. Technology is nuts.

That is all. Pretty hefty batch of links right there.